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                 HOW THE RAZY RACK GOT IT'S NAME
      Rasputin was born June 14, 1997. He had two brothers Cujo and Midnight. They were pure bred CHOW-CHOWS. We got them from a pet store on September 9, 1997. What a wonderful and exciting adventure we were about to experience. On September 24, 1997 we took all of them to have their very first well baby check up. This is how we met Dr. Ann McDowell of Chaparral Pet Hospital in Claremont, CA. She told us that all of them had genetic defects and that we should take them back. Well we thought we knew we were not going to breed our kids so to us it didn’t matter. Besides, at this point we were already too attached.
    Rasputin’s genetic defect was that he had a heart problem. One of his valves was not functioning properly and he might only live a couple of years.
    In the mean time Razy jumped up on the couch for the first time October 5, lost his first tooth on November 3 and hiked his leg for the first time on November 23. All the boys were just a joy. In the spring of 1998 we made and appointment for Razy with All Care Animal Referral Center in Fountain Valley, CA. On April, 4 1998 we found out after having an ultrasound done on his little baby heart that it was not as bad as we first thought. The valve was only back washing a little. It was the pin hole in his heart that made it sound worse than what it was. We were told he would live a normal life for a Chow-Chow. This was the best news we could have heard. We were very happy. This was on a Monday. That Friday was Good Friday and we went for our normal evening walk. Then we got in the car to go for a buy-buy ride to the store. When we got home we were unloading the car and somehow Razy got loose. He ran into the street and got hit by a car. When my husband found him in the road he was not breathing. Here I am in the middle of the road at 10:00 at night with a dead dog (I thought) on my lap. I’m rocking back and forth trying to scoot Razy out of the middle of the road while my husband got the other dogs settled. He grabbed Razy medical history thus far and off we flew to the ER.  My husband was holding him and at some point he started to breathe.  Blood was coming out his mouth and nose and he was not responding. He spent the night in the ER. The next morning the vet told us that nothing was broken, but he was badly bruised internally and to go right to Dr. McDowell, his regular doctor. The ER doctor told us if we hadn’t had the ultrasound results, she would have pumped him full of fluids and it would have killed him.
   We knew right at that time that there was something truly special about him. He was never a dog to us.  He was one of our kids!!
    One time I watched him play with a butterfly, frolicking around the yard letting it land on his nose. He played with that butterfly for about 7 minutes then it flew away.
    Another day we were walking through the park and there was a kite flying in the air. Razy stood and watched the kite, following the string all the way down to the boy who was holding it. Razy was just mesmerized. One time while we were feeding our red tail boa constrictor a rat, he sat there and watched for 45 minutes while the snake ate the whole thing.
    Rasputin was the most proud and confident dog I ever met. He was also the biggest tattle tale. He would actually come and get us if something was not right. He would whine and paw at us to make us follow him just so we would have to explain to him who or what it was. Except for the night that he got me up at 3am to tell me that he wanted to go outside. I let them out, they came back in and I went back to bed. He was back up in the bed with me in 5 minutes this time he was taking the covers off me. So I got up again, went to go down the hall way and tripped over our 10’ boa!!  OMG Razy saved the cat and maybe one or two of the dogs that night. Razy would play hide and seek, and Peek a boo.
     He was fearless!!! He did not fear anything but a camera. I had to sneak just to get a picture's of him.
     He loved to sing songs and man, he could carry a tune. Our family and friends all looked forward to getting a birthday tune from the boys so much that they would have us call back and put it on their answering machine. So then they could replay it for their friends.
     We as a family traveled from CA to Ohio, Ohio to TX and back. We went to TX a couple of times. The people at Red Roof Inn use to ask us when we are coming back with our six, 4-legged kids. If you lived in the inland empire you might have seen us. We never went anywhere without them. They sat on our lap. (yeah, I know, 65 lb dogs on our lap while we are driving).
   Every day of his life for breakfast he had to have a fried egg with a juicy yoke. Razy loved hard boiled eggs, Honey Maid Gram Crackers, homemade cheese burgers, Frosted Mini Wheat’s, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and Ritz Crackers. One day we were driving down the freeway and he was sitting in the front seat on my husband’s lap. We came up on a semi and the trailer was painted like a giant Ritz cracker box. He started whining. He thought that it was a giant box of Ritz crackers for him.
     These are just a few of many, many, notable memories. After a long happy life, Rasputin passed away on February 15, 2010. We loved him with all of our hearts. In Rasputin’s life he had so many different nick names and he knew what they all meant.
       “The King”, “Razy Baby”, “Raz Ma Taz” and “Scooby Doo”.
        This is how Razy Rack got it's name.
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